Connecticut youth wrestling clubs

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Wrestling Singlets

The singlet is the official uniform for competition in all styles of the sport. It is a tight-fitting, one-piece garment, usually made of nylon and/or lycra, that resembles a cross between a tank top and bicycle shorts.  Team singlets are provided for tournaments.  Wrestlers are also allowed to wear team shorts and tshirts for practice and at competitions..



This piece of equipment is required in all folkstyle competitions in the United States. It is also required for some youth competitions in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Good headgear is definitely beneficial for younger wrestlers, as it helps prevent cauliflower ear and other types of head and ear-related injuries.

Headgear typically costs between $20 and $30, and comes in both youth and adult sizes. It can be adjusted to fit the size of each person’s head. For the most part, there are only a few different styles to choose from:

  • Those made of a soft material and ideal for beginner wrestlers.
  • Those with hard plastic shells and great for the more experienced, competitive wrestlers. This type may not be allowed in international competition.


If purchasing headgear online, be sure to check the user ratings or comments on each product, as the best-selling headgear is usually of the best quality.


Wrestling Shoes

Shoes are the most important item you will need when stepping on the mat. Lower-level youth competitions sometimes allow wrestlers to compete in regular gym shoes. In order to enter a sanctioned event, however, you will need official wrestling shoes.